Urinary Problems

What are Urinary Problems

Many women report problems with their bladder (urinary incontinence). The most common symptoms are a constant need to urinate, feeling of urgency, getting up at night and, most distressing of all, urinary leakage. Many women will notice a little bit of urinary leakage, particularly after child birth, if they cough or sneeze etc – this is known as stress incontinence.

In the vast majority of women this can be treated with pelvic floor exercises taught by a good physiotherapist (Judith Landhausser). Sometimes, however, even after persevering with these exercises the leakage can still be a problem. At this point further investigation and treatment may be needed and your GP may refer you to Mr Downes, who is a gynaecologist with a special interest in urogynaecology.

Mr Downes, throughout his years as a Doctor, has seen how urinary problems can affect everyday life and he has had specialist training in assessing and treating urinary problems in women.