Awarded the title of “Obstetrician & Gynaecologist of the Year 2019 (UK)” in the Private Practice Awards


How to manage stress during pregnancy – see the blog post by Mr Downes here



Mr Downes comments in the Daily Mail on the use of progesterone for women who have had a miscarriage – see the article here



Mr Downes was quoted in the Daily Mail in March 2014 in relation to a revolutionary drug which can shrink fibroids – see the article here



On 1st November 2013 Mr Downes was invited by Victoria Derbyshire, Radio 5 Live, to give his opinion on “diagnosing miscarriage correctly”.



Watch Mr Downes talking about gynaecological matters from how to choose a Gynaecologist to what to expect from a consultation and beyond – click here



Hear Mr Downes speaking on Radio 5 Live Bump Club

on Tuesday 16th April 2013.

Listern Here



Mr Ellis Downes features in the Tatler Doctors Guide 2013 as one of Britain’s Top 250 Consultants


Tatler Guide



Mr Downes has wide experience of contributing to different media outlets including lectures, written articles, television and radio appearances.



25 years and 252 days – the perfect age to have a baby Read Article by The Telegraph



Article in Mayfair Magazine : PCOS – The Forgotten Condition


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Permanent birth control may be the right option for women whose families are complete