Pregnancy Timeline

Pregnancy Timeline (inc Scans & Bloods)

6 weeks +

Initial consultation to discuss your pregnancy and concerns and confirm viability

11-14 weeks

Nuchal Translucency scan (if requested/advised by Mr Downes) – an ultrasound scan which measures a small fluid collection within the skin at the back of the baby’s neck. The nuchal test, in combination with a specific blood test, is more accurate for testing for Down’s Syndrome than relying on the woman’s age although it does not tell you definitely if the baby does or does not have Down’s Syndrome.

20-24 weeks

Foetal Anomaly scan – a detailed scan during which each part of the foetal body is examined with attention paid to the brain, face, spine, heart, stomach, bowel, kidneys and limbs.

26 weeks

Routine antenatal visit

28 weeks

Routine antenatal visit, blood test for haemoglobin level and glucose

30 weeks

Growth Scan and routine antenatal visit.

32 weeks

Routine antenatal visit

34 weeks

Routine antenatal visit, blood test for rhesus antibodies if rhesus negative

36 weeks

Routine antenatal visit

37 weeks

Routine antenatal visit

38 weeks

Growth scan and antenatal visit, preparing for labour

39 weeks

Routine antenatal visit and induction of labour if indicated. Caesarean section if booked.

40 weeks +

Routine antenatal visits – Awaiting labour!